The Festival Campsite is a 5 minute walk from the festival site. Get there early as pitches are first come first served. Make sure the sun is facing your tent as you wake up. Live the dream.

Amenities include showers, toilets, drinking water and recycling. Breakfast and coffee is also available.

Do remember that it can get chilly on the French coast at night! So do bring heavy blankets and warm sleeping bags to enjoy a good night's sleep!

We also offer on site glamping options with a registered partner. Please check availability on the ticket page.

How to get there ?

The home of Pete the Monkey Festival is the picturesque seaside village of Saint-Aubin-sur-mer, in rural Normandy (department 76). Beware there is another village with the same name in department 14 Calvados.

From UK

We recommend catching the ferry from Newhaven to Dieppe. DFDS ferries run a ferry service three times a day with a journey time of 4 hours. There is a bar and restaurant onboard and beautiful views across the channel. Only a limited number of tickets for foot passengers and cyclists are released every crossing so book early. There is also an overnight service with cabins bookable in advance.
Festival shuttle buses are available for foot passengers from Dieppe port on 13th July (DAY 1) and for the return journey on 16th July (DAY 4).
Alternatively there are more ferries from Dover to Calais, however the onward journey from Calais to the site is about 2hr30m by car. There is no direct public transport.

From France


The nearest train station to the site is Dieppe, 20 kilometers away. Trains from Paris take 2h15min. From Dieppe Ligne 61 offers a regular bus service to the site, it is also an easy cycling distance or you can book a taxi. A festival shuttle bus will also run several times a day. (Times will be announced on Facebook)


Ouibus or Flex-bus have regular departures from Paris to Dieppe taking 2hr30m. From Dieppe, Ligne 514 offers a regular bus service to the site, it is also an easy cycling distance or you can book a taxi. A festival shuttle bus will also run several times a day. (Times will be announced on Facebook).
We will also be organising several coaches from Paris to the festival site. Seats will be limited so book in advance. Information will be announced on Facebook.

The risks at the festival

The Pete the Monkey team asks everyone to be aware of its values: kindness, inclusion, respect, mindfulness and caring.

Any festivity in a group setting can expose us to risks.To prevent and avoid these risks, different stalls are available at the festival to help and care for you at any time:

UMPS : first aid.

CAARUD : awareness and risk prevention in festive environments (sex, alcohol, psychoactive products & health). Distribution of earplugs, condoms, breathalyzers,...

The safe zone : gender-based, sexual violence and victims support awareness and support.

If you don’t know how to react when you witness violence in the festival, on the street, in stores or on public transport, here’s the 5D rule that can help:

1. Distract : If you see someone in trouble, don’t hesitate to meddle before the situation escalates to distract the harasser’s attention. You can start a conversation, ask them the time or even pretend to know the victim to support them.

2. Delegate : if you don’t feel like acting (alone or by yourself?), ask for help from people around you. Passers-by, shopkeepers, bus drivers… They can help you handle the situation if it escalates.

3. Document : if you have your phone with you, don’t hesitate to film or photograph the scene. In this case, don’t forget to specify the date, time and place to make your evidence valid to the police later on. The aim is not to share it on social media but to build evidence that the victim can use if they want to use it for judiciary evidence and purposes.

4. Direct : According to the situation and without compromising yourself, if you feel confident and comfortable, directly act by asking the stalker to stop and leave the victim alone.

5. Dialogue : when the harasser has left, you can talk to the victim to reassure and support them. Show them compassion and ask if they need anything. Do not rush them and explain that the harasser’s behavior was disrespectful and unacceptable and that they should not blame themselves for the situation that occurred.

The more witnesses the less chance the harasser can get away or carry on. We hope all the information given above will make you feel more confident about how to act and support victims in case of any harm, violence or harassment. Any form of uninvited advance (physical or verbal) is absolutely unacceptable. Let’s not be bystanders !


👂Audition : For music to stay enjoyable and not become a health risk to your auditory health take care of your hearing throughout the festival. Take breaks between shows, don’t stay too long near speakers and wear earplugs if needed. You can go to CAARUD and find some!

🍑 Sex : If no consent is given no sexual acts are performed. If consent is given, think about using protection! You can go to CAARUD to find condoms to have safe sexual relations.

🍺 Alcohol : Beware of excessive alcohol consumption. Remember to eat before drinking and hydrate regularly. During the festival, meet at the safe zone or at the CAARUD if you don’t feel well. For those driving, you can find breathalyzers to test yourself and be safe on your way back home.

🚬 Drugs : Beware of the dangers of taking drugs. During the festival, meet at CAARUD to be advised on how to limit risks. You’re also welcome to the safe zone if you’re feeling unwell.


Hand-selected food-trucks provide the best of contemporary cuisine from London and Paris, and prioritise local produce from organic and fair-trade farms.

The festival also offers a chance for foodies to indulge their taste buds by inviting a top Parisian chef to create a gourmet tasting menu with paired wines.


Are there any age restrictions?
The festival is for people of all ages. We have a diverse family friendly programme during the day and an eclectic line up at night.

Are the tickets refundable or exchangeable?
All the tickets sold by the Pete the Monkey Assocation are non refundable and exchangeable.

Does my name need to be on my ticket?
It is not advisable to try to enter the festival with a ticket in someone else’s name as identity checks may be in operation on arrival.

Where can I park my bike?
A safe bike park is located close to the festival site.

Can I bring my dog?
Unfortunately, we don’t allow animals (except Guidedogs) on the festival grounds or camp site.

Are any items prohibited on site?

  • Bringing in alcohol in to the festival site is strictly forbidden, but allowed within the campsite.
  • Any dangerous objects such as knives, weapons, explosives, fireworks any anything else which may cause danger to the general public are all forbidden.
  • According to French law the possession, consumption or sale of any illegal substance is forbidden.

Are fires or barbecues allowed?
For security reasons, personal fires and barbecues are strictly forbidden on site.

Is the campsite guarded?
There is security team on the campsite. However we advise not leaving valuables within your tents. Storage facilities are provided on demand.

Are safety deposit boxes available?
We currently do not have deposit boxes or lockers.


Pete the Monkey is implementing measures to facilitate access to the festival.

Reduced Rates:
A reduced rate is available for people with disabilities with a valid proof of disability document. Care takers accompanying a disabled individual are granted free access to the festival. For any questions please contact us at least 30 days prior to the start date of the festival, by email:

Support for individuals, carers and groups can be provided by the festival. Please send your request at least 30 days before the start of the festival to organise your visit, at

For organisations facilitating access to a group of people with disabilities to the festival, please send us an email at least 30 days before the start of the festival to

Dedicated parking spaces are provided for people with disabilities, upon proof of a valid disability identification card. A vehicle drop-off point is also available at the festival entrance for people who need it, upon presentation of a proof of a valid disability identification card. The carer/driver can then park at the general festival parking.

Facilities and Services:
Festival maps and signage are displayed to facilitate easy access to the festival.
Accessible toilets are available on the festival and camping sites.
A dedicated pathway is set up for PRMs.
A raised stage for PRMs is installed in front of the main stage.
If necessary, a dedicated quiet space to isolate oneself from the main festival is available in the Safe Zone.

Service dogs and guide dogs for the visually-impaired are allowed onto the festival upon the presentation of:
• A CVI certificate (card for the visually impaired) or a visually impaired awareness medical ID
•Certificate of Identification for the Service Dog.