A commited Festival

We care about both our planet and our party goers, ❤️
which is why we have adopted an ethical and ecological charter.

Attending the festival means that you agree to this charter and support our commitment to making Pete the Monkey a place of respect for the environment as well as a safe space for creativity, expression, and growth for everyone.


Our eco-responsible charter applies to each stage of the event, from the planning, to the production to the partying. We are committed to concrete actions to reduce the ecological footprint of our activities be that energy, waste, transport, food or water.

For our 2022 edition, A Greener Festival (AGF) has awarded us the (highest) rating of "Outstanding"!
In 2023, we calculated for the first time our carbon footprint.


So that everyone can take full advantage of enjoying the festival, the PTM team would like to remind you that that it we cannot accept on the festival site:
> any breach of consent
> all forms of violence of any kind, whether physical and/or mental
> or any type of discrimination (racism, homophobia, …).

The organization reserves the right to exclude anyone with behavior deemed inappropriate or dangerous (immediate removal from the festival, reporting to relevant authorities, blacklisting from the festival).

The Pete the Monkey team asks its festival-goers, artists and speakers to be aligned with these values: benevolence, inclusion, respect, mindfulness and generosity.


Cutting down on food waste

We’re going to donate food truck leftovers to catering companies or charities.

Responsible Sourcing

All our catering stands have at least one vegetarian option on the menu.

We encourage our stands to work with products from organic farming, sustainable channels or local producers.
We ask our stands to ban endangered fish species and eggs from battery hens.

The sugar, chocolate, tea and coffee on the festival are respectful of the planet, the animals and the producers.


With plenty of easy to find water fountains around the festival grounds, using reusable water bottles is a no-brainer.

Wider Impact


Our creative workshops are designed to share ideas and get people involved! They are based on concepts such as getting most out of using little, and making things last by repairing rather than replacing.

Our Talks - Monkey Notes by HUM MEDIA

For the third consecutive year, the Amphitheatre will host a range of activities and talks aimed at engaging and educating festival goers on issues around the protection of our natural environment. We are excited to have a selection of some of the best activists and experts coming to talk to us about green initiatives. We hope that these talks will inspire action in your personal or professional lives to make small changes that will have big impact on the local environments and beyond.
There is also a podcast available on all the usual platforms.

Stage, Structures and Lighting

We recycle and reuse materials as much as possible in order to waste as little as possible. Where we have to buy new, we opt for locally sourced, unprocessed natural materials.
Costs that don’t cost the earth.


Returnable tableware & ecocup

New this year! This year, dishes will be served in returnable tableware.
The bar will use ecocups and we'll be lending the artists returnable water bottles.

Looking after your (cigarette) butt

Free distribution of portable ashtrays on site.
For the 4th year running, we're working with an organisation that gives a second life to every cigarette butt deposited in a festival ashtray.

Sorting recyclables

Recycling bins will be available on the festival site and at the campsite.

Compost loos

There’ll be no ‘pooh poohing’ poo here, with composting loos we’ll be putting our waste to work so it can be composted or turned into fertilizer.


Part of our energy is provided by the local village grid ensuring minimum use of generators so our fuel consumption is as low as possible.

We are also taking an intelligent approach to managing our electricity supply and on-site generators by setting a limit on energy consumption for food trucks and other festival stalls.

Since 2019 we have been monitoring energy usage across the whole site so as to better understand how and when energy is used to help us to make our energy usage the most efficient it can be year on year.

Part of this is also looking into renewable energy sources. The wellness area is already run using sustainably sourced wood fuel and solar power.


Hop on your Bike!

Since 2019, a rally has been organised to reach the festival, starting in Yvetot.

Monkey Shuttles

We organise buses from Paris and Dieppe to make both getting to and from the festival easy.


We invite monkeys to share their journey: at least three monkeys per car is a ratio we warmly recommend.


Our host Infomaniak is environementally friendly and certified ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 for is environnemental and energy management. "Life is about making things that are sustainable" Boris Siegenthaler, Infomaniak co-founder. 👌