Become a Volunteer!

Pete the Monkey Festival is an environmentally responsible event that donates its profits to the Bolivian Community, CIWY, to help animals at risk and acts against deforestation and animal trafficking.

Each volunteer role contributes to the festival’s success, and we make it our mission to design the volunteer experience for you to actively take part in the organization of the event in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. With plenty of different jobs available, you will get to work with a range of people, all working together as a team with the full support of the managerial staff to make PETE THE MONKEY brilliant! 💚☝🏻💪🏻

Important details

🍌 You must be over 18 years of age
🍌 We give priority to those who are looking to volunteer at more than one stage of the festival (set up, festival show, or take down)
🍌 As a volunteer you will be given a festival pass, have access to a dedicated camping site, and benefit of other goodies…

The Roles

All sorts of different roles are available depending on the type of festival work you are interested in.

🍻 Bar: Service, sorting of eco-cups, inventory management

💸 Cashless: Installation and reloading of cashless bracelets (Cash transactions)

🥘 Catering: Help with meal preparation, service and dishes, scan of entries for teams and artists

🎉 Scenography: Construction and decoration of the site (small structures, DIY, painting, handling, signage, etc.)

♻️ Green team: Preparation of eco-packs, help with site cleaning, waste collection and sorting, setting up, handling and storage of trash cans, public awareness of zero waste

🏠 Hospitality: Installation and management of the tables, ensure the proper functioning of hospitality site, shopping for teams and volunteers

👕 Merchandising: Sale of Pete The Monkey merchandise, information point, management of lost objects

🎭 Non-musical activities: Reception of the public, ticket office and management of stands such as Sauna, Wireless headphones, Daycare (reception and setting up activities for children)...

👩🏻‍🎤 Production for artists and speakers: Runs (transportation of artists and speakers between different places), help with housing management

🦺 Steward: Reception, circulation and orientation of the public

🛠️ Technical/logistics: Barriers, concealment, runs (fetching equipment by car or truck), assembly of structures (stages, capitals), road (loading and unloading of equipment), site access blockages

🎟️ Ticket office: Sale and reception of the public on the festival site and the campsite

🤗 Volunteer Hub: Help our teams make your experience as volunteer unforgettable, connect and build a relaxing atmosphere in the Hub and welcome the teams on campsite