Become a Volunteer!

Pete the Monkey is an environmentally responsible festival with profits generated from the event are donated to the Bolivian Community, CIWY, to help animals at risk of deforestation or trafficking.

All volunteer roles are designed to be varied and rewarding in a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. With plenty of different jobs available, you will get to work with a range of people, all working together as a team with the full support of the managerial staff to make PETE THE MONKEY brilliant! 💚☝🏻💪🏻

Important details

🍌 You must be over 18 years of age
🍌 We give priority to those who are looking to volunteer at more than one stage of the festival (set up, festival show, or take down)
🍌 As a volunteer you will be given a festival pass

The Roles

All sorts of different roles are available depending on the type of festival work you are interested in.

Are you better suited as a Production Chimp (decor/Scenography, tech, logistics, catering, recycling, production, artist liaison) or a Customer Facing Monkey (Bar, Ticketing, Stewarding, Merchandising)?

Either way, a volunteer application form is COMING SOON!