This year, Pete The Monkey is a 100% cashless event !

Cashless is a contactless payment system. It will facilitate your shopping during the event (drinks, meals, merchandising, etc.).

How to activate your Cashless account before the festival?  

  1. Register a secure cashless account online by entering your email address in the cashless area below.
  2. Enter your ticket barcode received by email from DICE.
  3. Add the amount of money you want to charge in your account. It takes less than 2 minutes and you’ll be ready for the event.
  4. When arriving at the festival, you will exchange your electronic ticket with a wristband/card that includes your preloaded money. (If you haven’t sorted your online account before the event, no problem! You'll be able to add funds to your wristband at the dedicated bank on site.).
  5. Order your consumptions, tap your wristband/card and enjoy!

When you top-up your cashless wristband for the first time, 1€ is taken for the wristband activation.

How to recover the balance of my cashless wristband after the event?

If there is money left on your wristband after the festival, you have until Thursday, August 1st, 11:59 p.m. to make your refund request on

This will be done by credit card only, and will require your 6 letter code written on the back of your cashless wristband.

Accéder à mon compte

Register a secure cashless account online

Exchange your electronic ticket with a wristband when arriving at the festival

Order your consumptions and pay with your wristband

Add funds to your wristband at the dedicated bank on site.

Money left on your wristband? No problem ! You have until August 1st to ask for refund !

If you have a payment card issued by a bank in the European Union, you can also use the Lyf Pay app to pay at Pete The Monkey Festival !

How does it work ?

  1. Download the Lyf Pay app, sign up and add your payment card to the app.
  2. Simply get your QR code scanned to pay for drinks or food.
    Lyf Pay payments are accepted on the entire festival site except for the official artist merchandise booths.

Anticipate and get rewarded !
If you download the app before 11/07 and enter the promo code « PTM19 », WE WILL OFFER YOU 3€* (for your first payment at the festival).

How to benefit from the promo code PTM19 ?

  1. Go to the Loyalty page in the app
  2. Enter the promo code PTM19 in the Gift Vouchers section before 11/07
  3. Make a payment with Lyf Pay at the festival to get the free 3€**

Do not wait any longer, download the Lyf Pay app here !

*Visa or Mastercard payment cards equipped with the 3-D Secure security feature, issued by a bank or payment institution located in a Member State of the European Union – except Monaco.
**3€ gift voucher credited to the app and automatically deducted from your first payment of 3€ or more. Promo code needs to be entered before 11/07/19. Offer valid during the festival from 11/07 until 14/07 within the limit of 2000 gift vouchers. Lyf SA with a capital of 15 200 000€, 4 rue RAIFFEISEN 67 000 Strasbourg France RCS STRASBOURG 330 623 414.