Create your online cashless account with your email and ticket number (Weezevent)

Exchange your electronic ticket with a wristband when arriving at the festival.

Add funds to your wristband at the dedicated bank on site.

Order your consumptions and pay with your wristband.

Money left on your wristband? No problem! You have until August 4th to ask for refund !

How to enjoy cashless on the festival?

Thanks to your Cashless account, you no longer need change, you can eat & drink at the festival with a chip integrated into your wristband.

Create your 100% secure account by indicating your e-mail address in the form. Enter your ticket number (Weezevent). Preload and you're done!

After that, you will collect your wristband at the entrance to the festival when you scan your entry ticket, already loaded with your preload.
€1 activation fee will be debited from your card at the time of withdrawal.

Two payment options are available on the festival. If you don't want to use cashless, you can download the LYF PAY app before you arrive at the event site!

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• This year, for 1-day pass holders, the preload option is available. You will be able to benefit from a loading card when you arrive at the festival which will be associated with your online reloading.
• Refund operations for your remaining balance may begin after the end of the festival from 07/15/2024, only via the Cashless section (opposite) of our website.
• Deadline for refunding your credits after the festival: 04/08/2024.


Pay with your mobile phone through the application LYF PAY. It's easy, free and 100% secure.

Download the free app LYF PAY. Create your account and add your credit card infos.

You don't need to refund your electronic wallet because the app is connected to your bank account.

I pay my consumptions straight with my mobile phone by showing QR code…

… and i enjoy my adventure on the festival!