Please be aware, Pete The Monkey is at Saint-Aubin sur Mer 76 near Dieppe
(about 30km) not the one in Caen !

By boat

The Boat to catch is the Newhaven to Dieppe service. (There are trains London - Brighton - Newhaven). Once you arrive to Dieppe, there will be a Festival Bus ready to take you to Pete The Monkey!

Thursday Boat, 11th July
New Heaven Dieppe Harbor
09:00am (uk time) 02:00pm (fr time)
05:30pm (uk time) 10:30pm (fr time)
Sunday, 14th July
Dieppe Harbor New Heaven
12:30pm (fr time) 03:30pm (uk time)
06:00pm (fr time) 09:30pm (uk time)
Thursday Boat, 11th July
Dieppe Harbor Festival
02:00pm (fr time) 02:30pm (fr time)
Sunday, 14th July
Festival Dieppe Harbor
10:45am (fr time) 11:30pm (fr time)
Tickets on sale