Our Commitments

We are committed to being an environmentally friendly festival. To do this, we have created a Green Pledge which covers all aspects of the event, from conception to construction, from dancing to the dismantling, helping us take real steps towards reducing our negative impact on the environment.

For two years running Pete the Monkey has received a Greener Festival award, in response to our efforts to create a festival in harmony with nature and respectful of other living things. In 2019, we are pleased to have been rated “Highly commended” by AGF.


Hop on your Bike!
This year we are promoting cycling to the festival so we are arranging group rides from Paris and Rouen. More information about how you can join the peloton will be coming soon.

Monkey Shuttles
We organise buses from Paris and Dieppe to make both getting to and from the festival easy and to cut down on CO2 emissions in the process. Win. Win. Times and Meeting points coming soon.

We do understand that sometimes needs must and you have to have your own vehicle but this year we are strongly encouraging carpooling. Get into the community spirit by sharing a ride and helping reduce our carbon footprint. There will be a lift sharing forum on Facebook and there may even be a forfeit. Making Green choices needn’t be difficult.


Nearly all of our energy is provided by the local village grid ensuring minimum use of generators so our fuel consumption is as low as possible.

We are also taking an intelligent approach to managing our electricity supply and on-site generators by setting a limit on energy consumption for food trucks and other festival stalls.

Since 2019 we have been monitoring energy usage across the whole site so as to better understand how and when energy is used to help us to make our energy usage the most efficient it can be year on year.

Part of this is also looking into renewable energy sources. The wellness area is already run using sustainably sourced wood fuel and solar power.


With plenty of easy to find water fountains around the festival grounds, using reusable water bottles is a no-brainer.

Stage, Structures and Lighting

We recycle and reuse materials as much as possible in order to waste as little as possible. Where we have to buy new, we opt for locally sourced, unprocessed natural materials.
Costs that don’t cost the earth.

Wider Impact

Our creative workshops are designed to share ideas and get people involved! They are based on concepts such as getting most out of using little, and making things last by repairing rather than replacing.

Our Talks - Monkey Notes
For the third consecutive year, the Amphitheatre will host a range of activities and talks aimed at engaging and educating festival goers on issues around the protection of our natural environment. We are excited to have a selection of some of the best activists and experts coming to talk to us about green initiatives. We hope that these talks will inspire action in your personal or professional lives to make small changes that will have big impact on the local environments and beyond.

Monkey Notes take place monthly in Paris at Pop Up du Label. There is also a podcast available on all the usual platforms.


Rejecting single-use plastics!
In order to cut-out single use cups, reusable eco-cups are going to be in use at the festival.
To show you just how good our reusable eco-cups are, we’re challenging our artists and staff to use just one eco-cup for the length of the festival!

Looking after your (cigarette) butt
With ecobutt, cigarette butts that are responsibly placed in ashtrays provided will get a second life. What’s more after popular demand, we will also be distributing portable ashtrays.

Sorting recyclables
Sort your rubbish into specialised bins found throughout the festival site and camping grounds. Clear signs will make it so easy, even a monkey could do it!

Compost loos
There’ll be no ‘pooh poohing’ poo here, with composting loos we’ll be putting our waste to work so it can be composted or turned into fertilizer.


Biodegradable dishes and cutlery.
All of our food stands on site use biodegradable dishes and cutlery conforming with EU standard EN13432.

Cutting down on food waste
We’re going to donate food truck leftovers to catering companies or charities.

Responsible Sourcing
We encourage our festival stalls to work with local farms, making the most of the amazing cuisine from the Normandy region!

We are making a stand against palm oil by cutting out products like nutella. Learn about how many products contain palm oil in this list.

Sugar, chocolate and coffee at the festival will all be responsibly sourced, according to Fair Trade practices. The FairTrade label guarantees that workers are paid properly and have decent working conditions by ensuring fairness throughout the supply chain for workers and farmers.

Eggs will be sourced from free range chickens, to make sure that they’ve had a good life - and so that the eggs taste even better!

Dietary requirements
All our food stands offer vegetarian options and make efforts to accommodate any specific dietary requirements.